Adopt Glory


Hi! My name is Glorious Heart and they call me Glory. My existence is spiritual in nature, I was conceived in a vision five (5) years ago and was introduced to the world on June 25, 2017.

My foster parents, Linda and Paul Leary, together with a lot of their other adoptive siblings, are trying their best to give all the support I need to achieve early the mission destined for me to do.

When fully matured, I will be a composition of a Spiritual Retreat Center, a Retreat House, and a Shelter for the Less Fortunate people.

There are many people with good intentions to help others and I am inviting you to make a difference to other people’s lives by being my other adoptive parents. My future will depend on the number of goodhearted people who will help me to accomplish my goals.

For my sustenance requirement, I am praying for the early development of my mission thru the support of people like you in any amount or manner on a regular basis.

In return, you will receive a Certificate of Adoption stating the good deeds that you are doing for my existence and my everlasting gratitude for helping me in fulfilling my mission. No matter what you decide, you and your family shall be remembered in our daily prayers. .

Best regards,