Glorious Heart Organization

Our Journey

Dear Friend,
We all have in us that noble desire to leave a legacy to make the world a little better than when we found it. Often all we need is the opportunity to make this desire become a reality.
The Glorious Heart Organization provides that golden opportunity. Together with a group of spiritually inspired and highly motivated people, We have formed the GHO as a nonprofit corporation to make the society we live in a better place.
We live in a materialistic highly competitive society in a noisy and often chaotic environment. it is very difficult to find a place to recharge a sagging spirit.
With this in mind, GHO is planning to build a Spiritual Retreat Center, A Retreat Home for the Faithful, Temporary Shelter for the Less Fortunate People, and Conference Center
These structures will be built in a serene setting and it will provide a place for people to reflect in peace and solitude or meet in a place conducive to learning.
One of the Organization’s purposes is to provide assistance to the poor, underprivileged, and distressed members of society. we pay particular emphasis on providing support to women and children who are victims of violence.
The board members of GHO are all volunteers and are not receiving remuneration in this mission. We are looking for good-hearted people to join us either as a volunteer or a donor. Together we can save a life and make a difference for the betterment of less fortunate others.
Paul Leary

Help us build Glorious Heart Organization:  Spiritual Retreat Center , Retreat House, Shelter for the Underprivileged.

This is the architectural concept regarding the building of a spiritual center, a shelter for the abused children and the elderly in a 10-acre lot donated by the Leary Family, founder of the Glorious Heart Organization (GHO).  GHO is a non-profit charitable organization with a 501(C)(3) tax exemption from the IRS.  It is run completely by volunteers.  They are actively seeking supporters who could help them build this vision.  Recognition in the form of immortalizing their names in the prominent sections of the building will be offered to donors based on their financial support.

When you give to GHO you help them make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate others.

Hi! My name is Glorious Heart and they call me Glory. My existence is spiritual in nature, I was conceived in a vision five (5) years ago and was introduced to the world on June 25, 2017.

My foster parents, Linda and Paul Leary, together with a lot of their other adoptive siblings, are trying their best to give all the support I need to achieve early the mission destined for me to do.

When fully matured, I will be a composition of a Spiritual Retreat Center, a Retreat House, and a Shelter for the Less Fortunate people.

There are many people with good intentions to help others and I am inviting you to make a difference to other people’s lives by being my other adoptive parents. My future will depend on the number of goodhearted people who will help me to accomplish my goals.

For my sustenance requirement, I am praying for the early development of my mission thru the support of people like you in any amount or manner on a regular basis.

In return, you will receive a Certificate of Adoption stating the good deeds that you are doing for my existence and my everlasting gratitude for helping me in fulfilling my mission. No matter what you decide, you and your family shall be remembered in our daily prayers. .

Best regards,

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